About Lisa HartwellHi and welcome to Lisa Hartwell.com.

I’m a British Audio Producer, Voiceover, Writer, and Digital Publisher. Sounds like I wear a lot of hats but it all sits under the umbrella of content creation and publishing.

If you look around the website you’ll see a lot of what I offer including:

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If I recommend something on this website (for example, on the Resources page), 7 times out of 10 it will be an affiliate link. This is a link that means I make a commission or get a reduction on my subscription if you buy or use that product or service too after clicking on it. If I like something and use it myself I will recommend it. I will not recommend it if I don’t like something I have tried or I have never used it. And if I can recommend something I love while also making a few pence or pounds to contribute to my living costs, then we’re all winners. However, if you prefer not to purchase something through my affiliate link, just Google the name and you should find it quite easily.