Royalty Free Music

Finding music you can use on your podcasts and videos can be a real pain. Royalty-free music does not mean free; you can’t just take a piece of music labelled “royalty free” and use it for your own purposes. What it means is that you pay for the licence once and can then use the music for as long as you wish (within the terms of the purchase licence).

The Problem with Royalty Free Music

The problems I’ve encountered with royalty free music are:

  • you can pay A LOT of money for licensing just one track (up to hundreds of £££) and/or
  • the license is extremely restrictive, limiting the number of projects it can be used on or the number of “episodes”…or
  • you have to buy “albums” or anthologies of music containing 30+ tracks when you only want one or two

royalty free music Acoustic RockMy Royalty Free Music Solution

  • Music packs of just 5 tracks
  • Affordable at only $3.75 plus VAT (under $5) per pack
  • Fully licensed so you pay once and use as many times as you like on your own projects, whether it’s online videos, podcasts, webinars, testimonials, software, trade shows or Powerpoint presentations.

As well as the 5 full tracks in mp3 format (which you can hear selections of before you buy to ensure they’re exactly what you need) you will receive loops for each track so you can create music tracks to the exact length you need.

Don’t panic – each pack comes with an easy, step-by-step “how to” guide and links to my “how to” videos. You don’t even need to pay for expensive editing software.

Acoustic Rock Pack Vol.1

Acoustic Rock Pack One contains 5 great rock tracks, which you can find out more about in this video:

Or take a listen to this audio mix:

To buy the Acoustic Rock Pack 1: Royalty Free Music head over to my store in Etsy – it’s a simple, secure process with instant download.

Acoustic Rock Pack Vol.2

Acoustic Rock Vol.2 contains 5 more great rock tracks:

And here’s the audio mix:

To buy the Acoustic Rock Pack Vol.2 head over to my store in Etsy for secure payment processing and instant download.

I’ll be adding music packs as quickly as I can create them so keep checking back for what’s new or visit the store: Audio Solutions