Voicemail Messages

Sourcing a professional voicemail message recording can be more stressful than it needs to be when the outcome is less than 20 seconds of audio. But it’s also important that people hear an honest reflection of you or your business when they call. I make things a little easier by offering generic voicemail messages as well as fixed price personalised voicemail options.

Generic Personal Voicemail Messages

voicemail messagesThese are voicemails that avoid mentioning any names and can be put on your mobile/cell, Skype, home phone or other personal voicemail applications. Not everybody wants to have their own voice on their voicemail, whether for security purposes or because their own voice can be hard to understand. The package I sell features a variety of messages so you can choose the message and tone you prefer. The styles range from fairly formal to upbeat; quick and simple to more detailed instructions. There are 15 messages in total to choose from and you can hear a selection here:

To buy this package for just £12 excl. taxes (under $16) then head over to Professional Voicemail Messages in my Etsy Store. You’ll receive personal usage rights to use on any and all your voicemail applications but you may not sell or give away these recordings.

Generic Business Messages

If you want something more formal for a business phone line then I offer a separate package for you. This is a professional sounding selection of messages that lets callers know you are not available to take their call but wish for them to leave a message. It includes Busy, Out Of Hours, Closed for the Holidays, Call Monitoring notification and Personal Extension options. Here’s a selection:

To buy this package for just £20 excl. taxes (under $26) then visit Business Voicemail Messages in my Etsy Store. You will receive business usage rights to use on all your business voicemail applications (regardless of how many numbers or locations you have) but you may not sell or give away these recordings or use for more than one business.

Personalised Messages

If you like the sound of these messages but would like something more personal by adding your name or business details (such as opening hours) then you can book a bespoke voicemail message:

Single voicemail with the wording of your choice (maximum 50 words): £25 plus VAT (under $33)

4 Business voicemail messages – Busy/Out of Hours/Holiday/Your Choice (max. 40 words each): £45 plus VAT (under $58)

Please contact me directly with your contact details, script and requirements and I will send you an invoice via PayPal. Specify the style you would like: relaxed and friendly, upbeat and smiley, professional…or simply tell me the impression you would like to get across. All audio can be provided in .wav or .mp3 format.

Here are some examples of messages I have recorded recently:

These quotes are for voicemail messages only. If you would like a quote for On Hold messages or IVR/Auto Attendant messages please contact me directly. I will be adding a generic On Hold package to my store soon.