Training Video Voiceover – How to Wrap Nails

I was thinking about some of the training video voiceover jobs I’ve recorded over the past 10+ years and started searching to see whether some of them were available on YouTube. Obviously many things I do are internal business audio, telephone audio etc. so never make it to a public video site, but I found this training video I recorded a few years ago for Rebel Nails.

I remember soon after the recording session that my sister called and asked me about it. Apparently she’d been to a salon to get her nails done and they were playing it. Not the relaxing, escape-from-it-all experience she’d been expecting!

It’s funny where these things can crop up. My other sister texted me recently and said she’d been having a shower and suddenly heard my voice on the radio telling her about the local Balti restaurant. And I’ve had the same experience with one of my colleagues. Her voice has followed me across the world because she was the voice of Otis lifts for many years. There’s nothing more distracting than arriving at your holiday hotel to find your friend telling you at what floor to get off!

Anyway, with all the voiceovers I’ve recorded over the years I’m sure I can find a few more. I’ll post them here as and when I find them.

P.S. I had no idea what wrapping nails was until I recorded this training video voiceover.

If you’d like me to record a voiceover for your next training video, please get in touch for a bespoke quotation.

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